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The Black Institute seeks to expand educational opportunities to all communities. A quality education–consisting of great teachers, active parents, outstanding principals, out of the box thinkers, stellar curriculum, safe learning environments and the expectation and treatment of all students as scholars–is critical to closing the gap between a segregated and unequal education. Educational opportunities also include increasing and expanding the arts and culture in all communities, primarily low-income communities of color.



TBI has researched the numerous challenges that immigrants and people of color face in the education system. Their reports have examined teachers in the Caribbean community as well as immigrant communities across the city.

  • Dream Deferred / Black, Invisible & Undocumented: The Plight of Caribbean Immigrant Youth
  • All Races, All Faces: A Guide to NYC Immigrant Communities



Since Spring of 2018, TBI has been working on the Ovation TV campaign entitled “Bringing the Arts: Stand for Ovation.” Altice, the parent company of Optimum, has chosen not to carry the Ovation TV channel rather than make a good faith effort to work towards an agreement that would provide Optimum customers with Ovation TV, which provide curated and arts-related series, specials, documentaries, films, original programming and original productions.



In early 2018, TBI launched the STARZ campaign to bring back the hit television show “POWER,” which is the most-watched show among minorities on cable television, after Optimum Cable took it off the air. TBI successfully ran a social media campaign and grassroots canvassing effort that led to Optimum putting STARS and POWER back on cable television. Read More.

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