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Bertha Lewis, President, The Black Institute: I am heartbroken. Today, a great man has passed and I am deeply saddened by the loss of yet another mentor and friend to our community. A lot of what I know about Politics and Organizing, I learned from Bill Lynch. 

He was undoubtedly one of the greatest political minds of our era, and will forever be known as a giant in politics. He was a legend on the gridiron and on the gritty streets of Harlem and his passing creates a huge chasm in our City and our Nations political fabric. I am honored to have known, learned and worked with him. Bill was a master political architect who was a key link between the Civil Rights Movement and electoral politics. The effects of his genius touched as far as South Africa and its abolishment of Apartheid and the world mourns his passing. The hearts and minds of The Black Institute are with his family and our friends at Bill Lynch Associates.

Condolences are flooding in with word of the passing of veteran strategist and former Deputy Mayor Bill Lynch, who died Friday afternoon at age 72. Here is a sampling of words from those who mourn him: Political World Marks Bill Lynch’s Passing

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