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B.I.G Cannabis Workshops 2022

Watch the Black Institute Group's Cannabis Workshops here now!

Our unique 4-part workshop series has been specially designed to assist minorities and MWBE’s with breaking into the emerging legal cannabis industry and redressing the disproportionate harm inflicted on minority communities by the historic criminalization of cannabis.

With special thanks to Tunisha Walker-Miller, Ken Ebie, Vincent Field, Kristin Jordan, Scheril Murray Powell, Cecilia Oyediran, Leah Bailey, Rochelle Kelly-Apson, Damian Fagon, BBP Antonio Reynoso, Chris Alexander, Jennifer Cabrera, Shiest Bubz, Emily Marie Ramos Rodriguez and Kenny Mack.


Business Basics 101: Do You Have The Right 'Weed Business' Sense?

Webinar 1

Cannabis Industry: 'It's Not Just A Nickelbag'

Webinar 2

The MRTA & The OCM: Breaking Down NY's Current Adult-Use Cannabis Law And Business Regulations

Webinar 3

Are You Ready?

In-Person Networking and Award Ceremony
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